Packaging Concepts Associates, INC. was founded by Philip & Emil Meshburg who originally build Emson, a family manufacturing business. Gaining over 50% of the U.S. fragrance finger pump market, Emil established green field operations worldwide in markets such as Europe, India, Mexico and China. Philip Meshberg developed unique packages for dispensing a wide range of products that have consumer appeal and acceptance.

Our experience over the last fifty years has been concentrated in developing and manufacturing aerosol valves and pumps for the pharmaceutical and personal care markets. It started with the first patented metered aerosol valve approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) followed by the first leakproof pump in the mid 70's. Now, Packaging Concepts Assoc., INC. provides patented packages to marketers of personal, pharmaceutical, veterinary, household and outdoor products, worldwide.​

Quality Policy


Packaging Concepts Associates is committed to designing and manufacturing quality spray dispensing systems to satisfy customer requirements. Involvement and training of personnel throughout the organization ensure achievement of quality, innovative design, service, and delivery objectives. Our quality management system promotes quality planning and risk based thinking for continuous improvement.

Meet our Team

David Meshberg, CEO


David Meshberg is the CEO of Packaging Concepts Associates, INC. He took over the family business from his father and has been building new opportunities for the company ever since.

Guy Ferrelli,

Operations Manager


Guy Ferrelli has been with Packaging Concepts Associates since 2003 after the company relocated to Connecticut from Florida.  His direct responsibilities include; managing all facets of manufacturing, managing team members for ISO 9001:2015 certification,  and designing mold tooling and automated assembly equipment. Prior to PCA,  he spent over 20 years in the competitive cosmetic packaging industry managing various assembly facilities and engineering functions. 

Kelly Hafford,

Quality Manager


Kelly joined Packaging Concepts in early 2016 to lead our successful ISO9001 Quality Management System certification effort. Her 30 years of quality manufacturing experience in extrusion, injection molding, and colorant control has brought a greater understanding of controlling key business processes at each phase to ensure quality begins with design and does not end until the customer is and remains satisfied with our products. Kelly's primary responsibility is to maintain the integrity and compliance of the QMS to ensure quality products ship on-time and to ensure timely and effective corrective actions are implemented for any issues adversely affecting customer satisfaction. 

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