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Packaging Concepts Associates is offering complete packing solutions. We are committed to manufacturing highly customized dispensing products for our customers.
Our quality management systems and engineering enable us to come up with high-quality dispensing system and packaging solutions that have innovative designs and are perfectly customized to the requirement of our customers. All suitable for topical, oral, drug packaging, food-related, and other applications.

Packaging Concepts Associates, established in 1975, develops unique proprietary patented custom packaging solutions for dispensing a wide range of products. PCA has a long family history, originated from Emson Inc. which held over 50% of U.S. fragrance finger pump market. Today under owner and CEO David Meshberg, Packaging Concepts Associates is the world leader in Child Resistant Spray dispensing solutions and pharmaceutical packaging.

5+ Decades Of Experience In Providing Pharma Packaging Solutions

We have 50+ years of experience in manufacturing lotion dispensers, fine mist sprayers, aerosols, child-resistant dispensing systems, CBD pumps, food contact safe packaging, high viscosity sprayers, closures, bottles, extenders, droppers, medicine packaging, and other retail packaging supplies. We patented our first metered aerosol valve that was FDA approved in the 70s, which soon followed patenting of our first leakproof pump. Our primary customers are the ones that offer personal care, pharmaceutical, household, veterinary and anyone who would needs retail packing supplies.

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Some Of Our Popular Pharma Pack Solutions

Child Resistant

This comes in two innovative variants. One has an integral tab lock that could be fitted into products having a snap of any size. The second one is the modified version that includes a two-piece button. These are best for pharma packaging.


The Extender

It has an added feature of a nozzle to ensure accuracy and precision in spraying. It helps in reaching the areas, which could not be reached by a spray without a nozzle, and this pharma solution also comes with a child-resistant button feature.


The MPAK Spray

These are the sprays that are child-resistant, leak-free, and senior-friendly, all at the same time. These have a twist, tab, and button lock system. These custom packing solutions come in both child-resistant and non-child resistant versions.

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