Packaging Concepts Associates

About Us

PCA, established in 1975, develops unique proprietary patented packages for dispensing a wide range of products. PCA has a long family history, originating with Emson Inc., which held over 50% of the U.S. fragrance finger pump market. Today, under owner and CEO David Meshberg, PCA is the world leader in child-resistant spray dispensing solutions.

Interior of One Packaging Machine

Our experience of more than 50 years enables us to provide a wide variety of products that have proved to be the best industry solutions, primarily for the manufacturers and sellers of personal care and pharmaceutical products. One of the major reasons for our success is the high-speed assembly that enables us to provide on-time deliveries even when the lead times are short. This ultimately improves product development time and speed to market a product for our customers.

No Compromise on Quality

It is our promise that there will be no compromise on quality. All of our products are made in the USA on manufacturing plants equipped with the latest technology. This, when combined with the creativity of our highly trained personnel, translates into offerings that reflect the highest level of quality and are just perfect for our customers.

A Technician Using a Microscope